Guide to auto gate systems

An auto-gate system would be something vital especially if you are living in a landed property with your own porch. This is because there can be some benefits and added security for you and your home in many ways. Auto-gates are generally wired systems that are designed to provide you with the convenience of opening and closing the gates without having to do it physically.

Auto-Gate Benefits

The use of auto-gates can be very advantages. Convenience would be the most evident factor as you need not have to leave the car to open or close the gate and can do so only by pressing on the remote control. Apart from that, auto-gates would be very handy especially under extreme weather conditions like heat and rain.

Safety is another main factor. When you use auto-gate, you avoid the risks of being robbed as you will not be leaving the car. Should there be any threats, you can drive away quickly. This is because a lot of burglars wait at the gate and when the driver leaves the vehicle to open the gate, they will attack.

Types of auto-gate systems

Most common types of auto-gates are those that are wired to the switch inside the house and can be activated by the remote control. In terms of design, the most common types are those that use the current type of gates and automate them.

This means that if your gates are those that open up from the center, you need not make any major changes to it. This is sometimes known as the arm-type.

An alternative to this is the sliding or flipping door version. How this works is that the gate is changed into one that can be flipped. Such auto-gates are more convenient and save space in many ways.

Which one to choose?

With so many different types of auto-gate systems in the market, which one would be most ideal? It depends on what your requirements are but the most important factor which you should consider is to engage a good brand. This is because the auto-gate is a system that would be costly if repairs are needed.

If you do not use a good brand, you might one where there ‘arm’ might not last long. Such brands are usually cheaper but the future consequences could be more costly. Furthermore, cabling of the auto-gate must be taken into consideration. Any future repairs would require you to tear down the layer that connects the gate with the switch, which would surely be quite expensive.

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