Tips on Landscaping

Landscaping can be considered to be both art and science. This is because if you know how to do this properly, you will have a beautiful garden and porch which is efficient and functional. Landscaping will mostly apply for homes with a large outdoor space like the porch or a garden. This might not appeal well in terrace homes but is ideal if you stay in single-unit homes, especially those in gated communities.

Do you need to landscape your space?

If you have a space outside your home, then chances are you will need to properly landscape it. This means that you will need to get the right people to help you because while designing the space is important, you cannot plant every type of flower because they might not be suitable.

Landscaping your area of land means that you are building a complete eco-system that will cover plants and flowers which co-exist well with its surroundings.

Landscape Artists

The best way to get any landscaping done properly is to engage a landscape artist. While the services of renowned landscape artists like Ng SekSan might be too high, there are many Malaysian artists whose services are very good.

The reason you need to engage a landscape artist is so that the eco-system will be functional. They will be able to recommend the best type of plants for the ground outside your home and what other objects or plants will be best to complement them.

Landscape artists will first evaluate the space to determine the suitability of the ground before making recommendations. Once they have done that, they will be able to derive the first design draft which will include the list of material needed. A quotation will be submitted to you and if all is agreeable, then payment can be arranged and renovation work can start.

Elements of landscaping

Landscaping does not only cover plants and vegetation although those are the main elements. It is in the interplay of greens and colors that make your landscape stand out.

Meanwhile, landscaping covers other objects like tea tables, chairs and rocks as well. These objects must be properly placed so that they maintain the balance of the design in your garden.

Some landscapes will involve fountains and fish ponds as well while others use objects like garden gnomes and such to complete the picture. Other elements in the landscape will include the water hose and sprinklers as well as the fencing of the garden as well.