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Posted October 10, 2013 by james in Renovation Guide

Do you need an Interior Designer?

Renovating the home or any premise can be quite exciting since you are basically designing your own space. Personalizing your own space can be very rewarding since you are designing an environment to reflect your own character and to show who you are in your own way.

Before starting to do so, you would have come across the issue of whether you should engage an Interior Designer to help you complete your task. The answer is a straight YES! Contrary to common beliefs, Interior Designing services are actually not as costly as they say. In fact, if you engage such services, it could save you more money in ways you never knew.


The most significant advantage of having an Interior Designer is that they will help you do all the talking. This is because the designer will be the person who will deal with contractors and those who will be carrying out the renovation works. Contractors are not the easiest people to deal with and with their experience in working with these parties, it would be best to let them do the talking.


Since you do not need to liaise with the contractors, it saves you a lot more time because things can be done quickly. If you are to do this personally, it will prolong the entire process because you will have to be involved in everything, including coming to an agreement with the contractors and the authorities if necessary.


The expertise of the Interior Designer is in the designing of your space. Hence, they are the best people to show you what they intend to do with a 3-D proposal. From there, they will be able to show you where the spaces can be utilized properly including where and how the toilets should be, how the wiring and piping systems should be and such.


Who else could give you the best advice if not for the experts? An Interior Designer would be able to tell you what type of material is best suited for a certain space based on their experiences.


As mentioned, working with an Interior Designer is actually not very costly. It would be advisable to engage designers who have a retail outlet in the shopping mall where they provide free designing services if you purchase the products from their store. After all, you will be doing them a favor by using their products, like flooring, paints or fittings and they will be more than happy to help you out.