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Renovation Concepts – Malay design

In countries like Malaysia, you are very fortunate to be able to choose many different traditions and cultures that can best reflect your personality. One of them is our very own Malay style design. It must be noted that adopting a Malay design space is not limited...

Renovation Concepts – Indian design

Designing the home or any space for renovation requires a lot of planning and long term decision making. When you are planning to give your home a makeover, it means that you are ready to pay a certain sum of money to change the outlook of the home for many years to...

Renovation Concepts – Chinese design

The Chinese tradition is very rich and evident in the Malaysian society. This is among the many different communities and culture that co-exist harmoniously in the country. Malaysians are very fortunate to be able to appreciate many different culture and design styles...

Renovation Tips for all stages of your project

Installation of Air-Conditioning units – What you MUST know?

Air-conditioning in your home is very crucial as we are living in tropical countries where the heat can sometimes be almost unbearable. As such, you will most likely want to install air-conditioning in certain parts of your home like your bedroom and perhaps dining...

Top 5 Tips in Choosing an Interior Designer

Choosing an interior designer is very much like letting someone decide the final outcome of your renovation. In a way, it is very daunting mainly because this person is one who will decide your living environment, one which you have to live in for many years (or...

Kitchen Cabinet Specialists – How to choose a suitable one?

One of the biggest headaches in renovation is in choosing the best company that can help to install suitable kitchen cabinets for you. If you are the person spending most time in the kitchen, then this is your area of concern because you need to be in an environment...

Choosing the right contractor for your renovation needs

So, you are planning to renovate your space and you want to do this by selecting the best contractor. How then should you start? In most cases, people who are planning their renovation will appoint a contractor based on word of mouth and from people they know. However, not everyone is as fortunate who has a contractor they can trust. So what should you look for if you want to appoint a contractor? Below are some of the pointers.

Contractor or Designer's Expertise

Every contractor is an expert in some area. They can be experts in tiling, marbling, kitchen cabinets, toilet and drainage, electricity and wiring and such. It would be best to know what the contractor specializes in before appointing them. In most cases, they will have the tools to prove their claims. Never believe one who tells you he can do ‘everything’.

Past Records of Contractor

Before appointing the contractor, check and see what they have previously worked on. Ask them about their past projects and if possible visit the locations to evaluate their work.

Total Renovation Cost

Contractors will know that you have a budget to work with. Ensure that all the costing and pricing are finalized before starting work. If they keep over-quoting you, choose another contractor. Choosing the wrong contractor can be disaster, so always ask for recommendations from friends and relatives or search in our renovation forum.


Contractors should be professional enough to let you decide on what you want. They should not try and push every idea to you. They should allow you to buy your own material like cement, bricks, wood and tiles because their job is to get the fittings done. Contractors who insist on buying all the materials are usually those who want to earn more from you.


Find a contractor who agrees to your timeline as long as they are not too demanding. If they cannot complete it on time, they will tell you beforehand and not make any empty promises and mislead you in terms of the schedule.

Tips on LED Lighting, light bulb, CCTV and automation

Electrical systems and equipment are integral parts of any home or corporate space. These are systems that are automated in their respective ways which are installed to make life easier and more accessible. When it comes to electrical systems, there are a few types which must be given emphasis because apart from being vital, they will determine the outcome of your expenditure each month.


When renovating your space, you should consider changing the lighting types from conventional bulbs and modules to LED (Light Emitting Diode). This technology is currently being used by corporate spaces as well as residential homes around the world because of several reasons.

The main reason is because they are very energy efficient which means that they do not consume as much electricity as conventional bulbs. LED Tubes and bulbs are very effective because they provide constant illumination and do not emit as much heat. Hence, in using these bulbs, you will save up to 70% in terms of electricity bills.


Closed-Circuit Television systems are very useful in today’s environment because it provides you with the peace of mind. If you are planning to renovate your home or office space, consider installing a CCTV because you will be laying the cables behind the walls and edges.
Automated Systems

Automated system is like automatic-gates, remote control lighting switches and such. One of the systems that you can consider is to install automatic sensors which will detect the room temperature and then adjusts the cooling units. Another type of sensors that you can consider is those that detect the lighting of the space.

By installing these systems, you will surely save more on bills because you will not be consuming as much electricity for cooling and lighting in the long term because they will be automatically adjusted accordingly.

Tips before you start the renovation

Renovation can mean different things to different people. If you are planning to renovate, there are several factors that you need to consider prior to starting so that you will not have to suffer any wastage of funds and time because this process will very much determine the next few years of your lifestyle. Here are some tips that you should consider.


You need to first identify why you want to renovate. Is it because you want to beautify a space or because something is broken? If there is no reason to do so, maybe you can wait a few years instead of launching a makeover or perhaps you want to change the Feng Shui of the space you are living in.


Whatever you choose to do, you need to plan carefully. Renovation is not only about breaking down things and changing new ones. It requires you to think about timing, costing and the people involved and deciding on what to do.


That will be one of the most important parts of your planning. You need to start with a budget and then work your way from there. Always get a quotation and never overspend. If you think you cannot afford what you want to do, perhaps it is better to cut down the scale or to wait for a later time.

Contractors and Designers

If you are giving your home a complete makeover, it would be best to engage an interior designer in Malaysia who will help you to take care of everything. They will deal with the contractors while helping to work within your means. In most cases, the interior designer will be involved throughout the entire process where they will be aware of your budget. Our renovation forum is the best place to look for advices on home renovation and interior design. Our fellow members in forum.com.my are ready to assist you with your new renovation plan and project.


It is most important that during the process of the renovation, you move to an alternative place to stay. You need to factor the costing for this as it means uprooting the family for a few months.